Keep your educational devices managed, safe, and accounted for.

Ensure the future of your 1:1 program and faculty devices with a data privacy-focused device management and anti-theft solution.

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Deploy a no-risk laptop and tablet fleet.

With anti-theft, monitoring, and our loan manager tool, you'll be able to implement a laptop or tablet loan program for students with no risk, and allow faculty and staff to take their laptops off-site with no risk.

Automate and schedule security.

Optimize your work and deter theft by creating automatic reactions upon movement in or out of Control Zones, or schedule recurrent, or timed, actions like daily curfew device locks.

Keep your budget happy and co-design.

Join our co-development education program to access a special discounted rate, and become one of the schools that help us shape the tools of the future.

Why Schools Choose Prey

Get your program going

Kickstart your student's device loan program. Handle laptops and tablets using the platform's Device Loan Manager. Keep track of return dates, alert users and get devices back when overdue. Get returned devices back to blank with Factory Reset, protecting the previous user's personal information.

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We build the road[map] together.

All of our latest releases have been co-designed with partner schools and colleges who help us build tools that matter.

  • Device Assignment
  • Security Automations
  • Control Zone Reactions
  • Advanced Inventory
Securing a Laptop Checkout Program With Prey

San Carlos Apache College

Learn how IT Officer Kenneth Chan at the San Carlos Apache College leverages Prey to secure and track their digital equipment inventory.

Protection for schools shouldn't come with a hefty price tag.

Schools and educational organizations have access to special prices and discounts.

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A Solution for Everyone

Whether you're looking to protect your own devices, or manage an enterprise fleet, Prey has a plan and platform for you.

The Student Awareness Kit
Knowledge = Safety

Teach your faculty and students to be better digital citizens with our free collection of awareness posters, covering phishing and promoting the usage of Prey's free personal app.

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